SESSION 2 (August 2~14, 2024)

2024 Program Schedule

2023 EISC Session 2 Program ScheduleDate, Event로 구성된 2023 EISC Session 2 Program Schedule 안내 표
Date Event
 1 (Thu) Dormitory Check-in
2 (Fri) Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation
5 (Mon) - 14 (Wed) Introductory Korean Studies Course
9 (Fri) - 10 (Sat) 2-Day trip
14 (Wed) Farewell Ceremony
16 (Fri) Dormitory Check-out

※ The above schedules are subject to change. 

※ Special lectures on Korean Studies are available throughout the program period.  

2024 Class Schedule

Class Schedule구분, 내용, 요일별로 구분된 시간표

Period Class
Mon - Fri 09:00 ~ 11:30 Korean Language Class
13:30 ~ 14:30 Special Lectures
15:00 ~ Activities
Fri - Sat 2 Day Trip

2024 Program Format

2023 EISC Session 2 Program FormatCourse Title(#), Contents, Time, Place, Faculty로 구성된 2023 EISC Session 2 Program Format 안내 표
Course Title Class Contents Date Instructor
Introductory Korean Studies Korean Language Class

 • Basic 

 • Intermediate

 • Advanced

 • High-Advanced

    • TBA
Special Lectures
Gender in Korean Society: The Demographic Crisis and Coping Strategies
Aug 5 HwaJung Kim
Korean Traditional Music
Aug 6 Hye-Ohn Park
Destroying to Forget: Vandalism and Historical Amnesia in Samjeondobi Monument and Sonyeosang Statue
Aug 7 Young Kim
韓国、韓国人、韓国文化 (Japanese Leture)
Aug 7 YoungBin Song
Korean Beauty and Makeup
Aug 8 MinHee Lee
Aug 12 TBA
Bibimbap to BTS: The Ingredients of Korean Culture Power
Aug 13 SeungChul Yoo
Activities Campus Tour, K-POP Dance Class, Palace and Museum Tour, HiKR Ground, Painters, Ice Skate

※ The list of special lecture and the instructors are subject to change.

Program Overview

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