2024 EISC Important Dates

2023 EISC Important DatesDate, Session1,2 로 구성된 2023 EISC Important Dates 안내 표
Month Date Session 1 Session 2
2 (Tue)
Student Application Begins
Student Application Begins
March 22 (Fri) Early-Bird Discount Deadline
April 19 (Fri)
Early-Bird Discount Deadline 
May 17 (Fri) Application Deadline
Tuition Fee Payment Due

June 9 (Sun) Housing Fee & Optional Field Trip Fee Payment Due
27 (Thu)
Dormitory Check-in

28 (Fri) Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation Application Deadline 
Tuition Fee Payment Due   
July 1 (Mon) First Day of Class  
14 (Sun)
Housing Fee Payment Due
24 (Wed) Last Day of Class  
25 (Thu) Farewell Ceremony
26 (Fri) Dormitory Check-out Optional Field Trip Fee Payment Due
August 1 (Thu)   Dormitory Check-in
2 (Fri)   Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation
5 (Mon)   First Day of Class
14 (Wed)   Last Day of Class 
& Farewell Ceremony
16 (Fri)
Dormitory Check-out

* Dates are subject to change without notice.