Welcome to the Ewha International Summer College!

The Ewha International Summer College (EISC) has been offering summer programs for students from around the world since 1971. Every summer the EISC offers a comprehensive academic program accompanied with diverse cultural activities and field trips so help students immerse in Korean culture.

The EISC offers two sessions to cater to different interests and needs of students:

Session 1
(late June ~ late July)
Session 2
(early to mid August)
3~9 credits in 4 weeks (1~3 courses)
Academic courses taught in English
Korean language classes
Field trips & Cultural activities
On-campus housing at Ewha's I-House
  • 3 credits in 2 weeks
  • Korean language classes
  • Special lectures on various topics
  • Cultural activities & optional 1 night 2 day trip
  • On-campus housing at Ewha's I-House

At Session 1, the EISC offers a variety of credit-bearing courses in diverse disciplines. Each year the courses are crafted and selected with careful consideration and are taught by talented and devoted instructors from Ewha and prestigious universities across the world. In addition to the quality of the courses offered, the EISC courses have a relatively small faculty to student ratio that provides a more intimate learning environment for students, enhancing their academic experience. During Session 1, students also have the option to take Korean language classes; students take a placement test prior to the start of the program and are placed in a class of their appropriate Korean language level. 

Session 2 is designed as a Korean language and culture immersion program. During the program duration of 2 weeks, students take Korean language classes along with special lectures on various topics. Students also participate in daily cultural activities in the afternoon, allowing them the opportunity to explore various parts of Korea and enjoy activities together as a group. 

Both sessions offer students the chance to interact actively with peers and professors with different backgrounds, expanding their global network and developing communication skills and other intangible assets that are being more crucial in today's global society. EISC students also will have the opportunity to learn more about Ewha and its students through the Ewha PEACE buddy program, getting a true insider experience of life as an Ewha student.