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2022 EISC (Session 1) : Amelia Michelle Sojung Moon from University of California, Los Angeles, USA

2022 EISC Testimonial

   Amelia Michelle Sojung Moon


Good afternoon everyone.

My name is Amelia Moon and I am studying Biology at the University of California Los Angeles. It’s already been one month since we started classes. We’ve done so many things this pastmonth, from classes to field trips to dinners with our PEACE Buddies.

Actually, I did a two week internship at a company through the EWHA program. So, I guess that makes it a month and a half for me. Let me talk briefly about my internship. MYSC is a company that specializes in providing social innovation and impact investment

consultations for startups. I know, it’s hard to understand. To put simply, they are a consulting firm and investment bank rolled into one.

I had the honor of working for and attending the AVPN Global Conference, which was the official side event for the G20 summit that will be held later this year. It was wonderful to see the collaboration between industry leaders to address climate change and social issues around the world.

My first day, I was guided to a desk covered with welcoming post-it notes from various employees. I even received a post-it note from the CEO! It was such a welcoming and cute surprise. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I hope this stock image will do for your imagination. Every day, we went out for lunch somewhere new. My favorite lunch was the 급식-style lunch, where you get to scoop your own food, the way it is portrayed in high school k-dramas. The portions here in Korea are so small compared to the portions in the US, especially Texas, where I am from. Of course I had to get seconds! If you’re concerned about finding an internship, I would definitely give the internships that EWHA is providing a try! It was also my first experience and I was super worried, but they were

so welcoming and I would definitely do it again if asked. I definitely would recommend to all of you to give it a try if you come back.

Here at EWHA, I only took one course here, financial management. We know how important money is in life. This course taught me how to invest in the stock market and the basic principles of finance. So, if you really want to make the big bucks, take this next time. :)

Lastly, EWHA has introduced me to so many amazing friends whom I have had the opportunity to go on field trips with. As a student preparing for med school, the EWHA program was an eye-opening experience. The internship showed me not only company life but also opportunities to impact the world, far beyond the local scale of communities. Having the privilege to immerse myself in Korean culture and food has deepened my appreciation of my Korean roots. It really puts into perspective the difference and similarities that

can be found between the American and Korean culture. I sincerely hope all of you have had as much fun learning about Korea through the EWHA program as I had and that we will cherish the memories we have made here.

Thank you.

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