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2021 Ewha ISC (Session I): Maike Sjollema

EISC 2021 Testimonial


Maike Sjollema


This summer I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2021 EISC program through my home university, Utrecht University. Due to COVID the program was held online, but despite that I felt very excited starting my courses at EWHA. I partook in two courses, one Korean language course and the other course was called Gender Relations in Korea. Both I immensely enjoyed. Due to time zone differences, my days started rather early in the morning. Yet the staff was very considerate of these differences and also allowed students to watch the lectures in their own time. The international classroom helped me connect with students all over the world which was an additional bonus. Furthermore, EWHA not only ensured insightful courses, but also guaranteed we stayed active and healthy while studying online. Particularly through a Kpop dance session given by a professional dance teacher. During this session we learned and practiced the choreography of BTS’ song: Butter. 

Overall I am highly pleased by all the experiences I had and everything I learned about the Korean language and culture. I will definitely visit Korea and EWHA in the future for an in person experience. 


Thank you to the EISC team for providing this program and making it run smoothly.



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