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Recruitment Notice for Visiting Professors for 2020 Ewha International Summer College

Recruitment Notice for Visiting Professors

for Ewha International Summer College



A person who does not come under the disqualifications to be assigned as a special contract faculty according to domestic laws including Educational Officials Act, Private School Act and regulations of Ewha Womans University

2. A person who is a university graduate or equivalent with at least 4 years of research performance and teaching experience

3. A person who has not reached the age of retirement according to relevant domestic laws including Educational Officials Act and Enforcement Decree of the Higher Education Act (under the age of 65 as of March 1st, 2020)

4. A person who satisfies each open position’s specific requirements (if any) in addition to the above mentioned qualifications




Visiting Professor

A person who is currently a full-time faculty member of domestic or foreign universities AND

is working as an assistant professor or above



Required Documents


Application Form

Please refer to the attached form. “EISC Application Form”

Exact start/ end date (YYYY/MM/DD) of education required

Copy of Final Degree Certificate


Proof of Employment

Proof of current employment status as a full-time faculty member of domestic or foreign universities

Syllabus for desired courses

Please refer to the attached form.

“EISC Syllabus Template”

Consent Form for Sexual Conviction Record Check

Please refer to the attached form.

“Sexual Conviction Record Check Consent Form”

Copy of Passport


Consent Form for CollectionUseProvision of Personal Information

Please refer to the attached form.

“CollectionUseProvision of Personal Information Consent Form”



Application Procedure

1. Integrated evaluation: a comprehensive assessment on the applicant’s suitability for the major field of study, academic excellence and teaching ability

2. Successful candidate announcement: January 28, 2020 (tentative)

  The successful applicant will be individually notified.


How to Apply

Period: January 8, 2020 January 12, 2020

Method: via email Please send us an email at (gosummer@ewha.ac.kr) with required documents attached, with a title “[2020 EISC faculty]_your name”.


Conditions for Appointment

1. Contract Period: 1-year (March 1, 2020 February 28, 2021)

Teaching Period (Program dates): June 24, 2020 July 22, 2020

Although the actual teaching period is for about a month, the contract period has to be one year due to the Revised Act of Higher Education Law being enforced as of September 2019.


2. The course title and the number of courses that one lecturer takes charge may change after the successful candidate is nominated, due to circumstantial matters including Office of International Affairs’ operational causes, the student registration state, etc.




1. ALL required documents must be submitted within the application deadline via email to gosummer@ewha.ac.kr.

2. A false entry in the application form, forgery of documents, failure to satisfy employment qualifications may result in the elimination of a successful candidate even after nomination.

3. Some positions may remain unoccupied in case of a lack of eligible candidates.



Tel: +82-2-3277-3160~1

Email: gosummer@ewha.ac.kr

Fax: +82-2-364-8019


   [files attached] 1. EISC Application Form

2. EISC Syllabus Template

3. Sexual Conviction Record Check Consent Form

4. CollectionUseProvision of Personal Information Consent Form

5. Course List